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The metaverse of the fashion of the future and new possibilities.

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costamenu brings fashion to the future and opens up new possibilities. Here everyone can complement their clothes in a new digital format.

costamenu brings fashion to the future and opens up new possibilities. Here everyone can complement their clothes in a new digital format.

digital fashion it is the possibility of interaction of the inner world of a person with the outside world without damage to the environment.

How do I get a digital item?

To try on a digital bow need to upload your drawing photo — the one you want to add to the new digital object

The photo must be of high quality and taken in good lighting.

Upload photos




in browser
without downloading the app

The near future that new virtual space will be owned by you

Created in AR

Augmenting reality with digital technology without downloading the application.


At some point, the Internet was experimental.
Then it became a place where many succeeded, then it became a place where you were supposed to be, and now it is the main form of communication for most people.
With augmented reality, we are going through the same process.

clothing of the future

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3D future logo AR

Price EUR

Shipping of the product in any electronic format

da 250.00

Augmenting reality with digital technology without downloading the application.

BASIC consists of: 3D company logo + contacts

Fighting for dollars and cents in the physical world is the past time of a dying generation. The real opportunity is in the virtual world.

And brands that are not thinking about virtual economies might already be dead.

restaurant menu in the future

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Alongside a good product description, quality images, and positive reviews, AR and VR can greatly help consumers' purchasing decisions.

Giving as much information as possible is the key to increasing your sales and reducing returns.
The greatest potential of augmented reality technologies is the ability to show customers product in action, wherever they are, at any time.


And our answers

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that supplements the physical world with virtual objects, images, sounds and other digital data in real time using a camera of a smartphone, tablet, computer or special AR glasses / helmets. 

Augmented reality changes the perception of the environment and allows you to interact with digital objects (for example: trigger animation on click, save contact information to your phone’s address book, go to a web page, messenger or social network).

At the moment, the development of related technologies (machine vision, the Internet, the power of smartphones) make it possible to massively apply augmented reality in everyday life.
Large companies such as McDonalds, BMW, Volvo, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Ikea, Starbucks and many others are actively introducing digital technology into their business.

Obviously, the era of augmented reality is coming. And now the technology is becoming available not only to small and medium-sized businesses, but even to individuals.
In the coming years, AR will become as natural as Wi-Fi, the internet or a mobile phone.

Works on AR web technology applied to a marker, picture or house wall and includes extended functionality (interactivity).
In other words, the smartphone camera opens in the browser, the trigger that initiates the appearance of augmented reality is a QR code or an NFC chip, after which you can interact with digital data.

QR code (Quick Response Code) is a type of matrix barcodes (or two-dimensional barcodes) originally developed for the automotive industry in Japan.

The main advantage of a QR code is its easy recognition by scanning equipment, which makes it possible to widely use it in completely different fields.

Now the overwhelming majority of modern phones have a built-in QR code scanner, which greatly simplifies their practical use, therefore to scan a QR code, you no longer need to download a mobile application, you just need to point your smartphone camera at the QR code.

In 2020, the whole world began to actively use QR codes.
So, for example, in a pandemic, a QR code allows you to contactlessly open a menu in a restaurant (in all European countries this is a mandatory requirement for any catering establishment).

We store only publicly available data (for example, company contacts or work e-mail of an employee) transmitted to us by the client (when filling out a brief or in another way).

An agreement on the protection of personal data is necessarily signed, which details the rights and obligations of the two parties, in accordance with the current legislation.

We do not share this data with any other company.

If it is necessary to delete user data from our database, the user has the opportunity to write us an appropriate letter to e-mail

We will delete the data in accordance with the law.

We do not use cookies. Our website is only accessible via HTTPS.

User data can only be seen by someone who has a physical business card or a shared link. The business card has a QR code containing a link with a cryptographically strong random identifier. A generic link usually contains a human-readable name with a short random suffix. The latter is protected from brute-force using IP blocking with progressive latency.

User input is filtered to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS).

New technologies, new opportunities, new businesses and new professions.
The inevitable digital transformation of business leads to the emergence of companies specializing in integrating content into the augmented reality layer. As a result, new professions are born, such as AR marketing mananger and AR designer.

Web AR marketing manager is a project manager who helps to transfer a company’s marketing creatives to web AR. This is a specialist who knows what solutions are suitable for a particular company in the field of AR and how to most effectively carry out digital transformation by comprehensively integrating augmented reality into the business.

Web AR designer is a specialist who creates an AR scene (enters contact information, uploads media files, sets animation) in an augmented reality layer.

Our clients are digital studios, marketing, branding and advertising agencies, design, animation and printing studios. Companies that are involved in marketing, design, printing, production or advertising. Companies that have a marketing and / or design department on their staff and are ready for development and digital transformation. Freelancers who  want to expand their competencies and increase their income. Students who like digital technology and design and who want to gain marketable competencies and a progressive profession. Marketers who understand the inevitability of digital transformation and want a progressive tool to work with. Entrepreneurs who see market capacity and prospects.

With WebAR, consumers simply click on a link or scan a QR code to immediately get started with augmented reality in their phone's browser - no app required.

The simplicity and accessibility of WebAR leads to higher user engagement and also makes it easier for consumers to share experiences by stimulating virality.

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    Web AR is augmented reality in the browser. This means you don’t need to install a mobile app to watch AR. Point the smartphone camera at thе QR code, allow the camera to access the website, and continue scanning the QR code. Augmented reality will oрen with which you can interact by clicking on icons and interactive objects. This technology lowers the threshold for users to enter because it is as simple as possible, does not require registrations or any additional actions.

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    Augmented reality is a bridge that connects traditional markets with younger people.